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Our metal buildings provide farmers and ranchers with durable metal farm buildings to protect their equipment and livestock. While agricultural steel buildings can be a large investment, they are typically sturdier than traditional buildings with wood components and can withstand seasonal conditions, including winds, snow, thunderstorms and more.

Agricultural Metal Buildings

Tan metal outbuilding with two garage doors, a tractor, and a lawn mower parked in front on a dirt surface under a clear blue sky.

Agricultural Equipment Storage

Fortifty Building Solutions' steel barns and clear span buildings provide the ideal solution to properly housing and maintaining expensive machinery like tractors and combine harvesters by offering expansive, obstruction-free interiors that allow easy equipment maneuverability and access. 

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Livestock Stables & Riding Arenas

Tailor our steel barns to perfectly accommodate your livestock herd riding arenas. Our flexible designs enable customized layouts ideally suited to your unique needs and size requirements. For equestrian facilities, our clear span steel riding arenas provide an open, spacious environment for training, events, and animal turnout.

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Exterior of a large beige horse barn with an open central door, surrounded by dirt ground and weeping willow trees.

Steel Barns

Designed to withstand seasonal environmental changes year after year, our steel barns provide the durability and protection you demand. Yet they also offer outstanding versatility. Whether you need an open floor plan for machinery access, customized stall layouts for animals, ample storage capacity, or a multi-use barn, we design to meet your specific needs.

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Why Agricultural Buildings Are Essential Assets

Well-designed and constructed agricultural buildings play an invaluable role in supporting efficient, productive farming and ranching operations. Beyond just storage, these structures provide multifaceted benefits that enable smoother workflows and better asset protection.  

  • Secure Equipment Storage- From tractors and combines to trucks and implements, housing expensive machinery properly is crucial. Agricultural buildings protect from weathering, moisture damage, and deterioration that outdoor exposure causes. This preserves asset value and helps reduce costly repairs. 
  • Crop Storage- Properly drying, curing and storing harvested crops in controlled environments extends shelf life and preserves quality. Dedicated crop storage buildings allow segmenting and monitoring inventory effectively. 
  • Livestock Sheltering- Barns and outbuildings create indoor spaces sheltered from the elements, keeping livestock comfortable and healthy. This applies to housing, milking parlors, stable areas and more spaces vital for animal wellbeing. 
  • Workshop Areas- Many agricultural buildings incorporate workshops for equipment maintenance and repairs. Having covered areas enables timely repairs to keep operations running smoothly.  
  • Multi-Use Flexibility- The open space and customizability of agricultural buildings accommodate numerous needs - from housing poultry and other animals to storing hay, housing farm vehicles, or serving as machine sheds and warehouses. 

By centralizing core assets and activities in purpose-built structures, operations become better organized, protected from environmental impacts, and poised for increased productivity and profitability. An investment in high-quality agricultural buildings pays dividends. 

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Tan metal outbuilding with two garage doors, a tractor, and a lawn mower parked in front on a dirt surface under a clear blue sky.

Advantages of a Metal Storage Building

Whether you want a garage for vehicle storage, an equipment storage facility or a roof-only structure for any number of items, metal storage buildings are the ideal solution. Let’s look at the advantages of metal storage buildings. 

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