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Pole Barn/Post Frame Buildings


Pole Barn/Post Frame Buildings

Discover the versatility and durability of pole barns, ideal for various storage and protection needs. 

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Pole Barn / Post Frame Buildings

Pole barns, also known as post frame buildings, offer an economical solution for storage and protection. The robust wood frame not only ensures strength, but also provides an inviting aesthetic, adding a touch of natural charm to your space. Elevate both structure and style with the incorporation of metal roofing, walls and trim. Choose from a diverse palette of colors and personalize your post-frame building with features like wainscots, lean-tos and more. Pole barns are popular for various purposes, including livestock shelters, equipment sheds, and product storage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The advantages of metal buildings are numerous. The flexibility in design allows you to make choices on what you want in your building, providing you with virtually limitless options on the building you desire. The sustainability and ability for materials to be recycled is another benefit that makes metal so attractive for storage buildings. Also, the durability and resistance to elements of metal buildings means you can rest easy knowing that your assets, equipment or vehicles are well preserved inside. Metal buildings are better suited to seismic events. 

Learn more about the advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings and benefits of metal storage buildings

Some of the major factors to consider when planning a metal building are the size and location othe drainage system, its proximity to other structures, and climate. However, while its important to consider these things, its equally as important to plan ahead to avoid unexpected occurances.

Dive into more detail with our Project Planner or our Top Things to Consider blog article.

Metal buildings are known for their minimal requirement of maintenance. However, the need for maintenance does arise and keeping your metal building in good condition can help preserve it for many years to come. Maintenance should be performed a couple times per year on your steel building. Immediately preceding or following any major weather events, inspection of your building is critical for timely repairs. 

Learn more about metal building maintenance.

There are three main factors to consider once you are ready to install your metal building. Accessibility, Storage, and Facilities.  
Accessibility - Your metal building will be shipped to you on a flat-bed 18-wheeler, so the installation site will need to be accessible via road, or you will need to have an alternate plan to unload the building materials and get them to the site. Ensure your site offers plenty of clear space, free from debris, with enough room to stage components prior to installation. 

Storage - To prevent damage to your metal building components, you will need a safe place for storage. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for storing materials. 

Facilities - After ordering your building and choosing an erector, check with them to find out what they require for the jobsite. Some erectors require that the building owner provide a dumpster and latrines for the site. 

Learn more about how to prepare your site for installation

Thats a great question. We believe, unequivocally, that what sets Fortify apart from others in the market are our standards.  
We are affiliated with several independent organizations, such as the International Accreditation Service (IAS), the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), that review our standards and practices on a regular basis and issue their respective approval based on their findings. We are, and have always been, in good standing with these organizations. 

In addition, we have several internal checks and balances in place to ensure that your steel building is not only an extremely good value, but that it will also meet the specified codes and loads requirements of your particular locality. 
Read more about what makes us a leader in the metal buildings market.

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