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Metal Buildings, Mini Storage, Project Planning, Products | May 22, 2024

Advantages of a Metal Storage Building

Whether you want a garage for vehicle storage, a plane hangar for your aircraft, an equipment storage facility for machinery or a roof-only structure for any number of items, metal storage buildings are preferred over other conventional methods by building owners across the nation. Let’s look at the advantages of metal storage buildings. 


Misconceptions about Metal Storage Buildings 

A common misconception of metal storage buildings is that they are only suitable for small sheds or carports. However, metal storage buildings can be custom made in any size and when square footage exceeds 1,200 sq. ft., metal buildings become more cost effective than conventional stick-built structures. 

Another common misconception is that we provide the full package from pouring your concrete to assembling your metal storage building. Fortify doesn’t erect or pour concrete and assembly for your metal storage building is required by the owner or a contractor of your choosing. Most building manufacturers do not provide building installation or concrete. 

Lastly, people often think that metal storage buildings are more expensive to own and maintain than storage buildings constructed of another material. This is not the case. While wood construction may appear to be cheaper in some cases , over time it is not always the most cost-efficient way to construct a building. 


What are the Long-Term Maintenance Benefits for Steel Storage? 

The long-term maintenance benefits for steel storage buildings are numerous. The flexibility in design allows you to make choices on what you want in your steel storage building, providing you, the end user, with virtually limitless options on the building you desire. The sustainability and ability for materials to be recycled is another benefit that makes metal so attractive for storage buildings. 

Also, the durability and resistance to elements of metal storage buildings means you can rest easy knowing that your assets, equipment or vehicles are well preserved inside. 

Finally, unlike wooden or brick structures, metal buildings are better suited to seismic events. In some states, insurance may be less on your building because they recognize that a steel building is less likely to be damaged than a wood building (check with your insurance carrier). When comparing with a building construction type that may have a lower initial cost than a metal building (such as a frame building), lower insurance cost, as well as other quality aspects of a metal building need to be considered as well. 


Important Factors When Considering a Metal Building 

The two most important factors for customers when choosing to build a storage building is without a doubt, time and construction. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how long will the erecting of a metal building take? The lead-time from when you order your steel building to the time you receive it can vary greatly depending on complexity, type of building, current work load, etc. (please contact your project consultant for more information on current timelines). The time it will take in the erection of your metal building will depend on if you have hired an erection crew of it you are erecting the building yourself. 


Multiple Design Options for Larger Items 

A metal storage building provides you with multiple design options for your large equipment or machinery. If you are looking for a large space to fit an oversized truck, tractor, bulldozer or another large equipment piece, height is a very important consideration. Along with height, your metal storage building will also require large framed openings that will allow your equipment to easily be moved in and out of the building. Take precise measurements of the clearing you would need to fit your equipment through a door so we can accommodate it in our design process. You might also consider a clear span design that allows for uninterrupted space in your building. This design is best suited for storage facilities in which larger vehicles or equipment will be stored or moved about. 


When choosing to build your next storage facility, consider the multiple advantages of a metal storage building. Contact a Fortify sales representative to discuss the endless possibilities.