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Metal Buildings, Metal Framing, Project Planning | May 22, 2024

Interior Options For Your Metal Building

One of the benefits of purchasing a custom metal building kit is the design flexibility that comes with it. These kits generally include only four walls, structural framing and the roof. This means that the interior is a shell that you have the freedom to customize according to your needs. For industrial buildings, the open and unfinished space may be perfect. For commercial and residential spaces, however, there are several things to consider when finishing the interior of your metal building. 

Before beginning any construction or remodeling on the interior of your building, it's important to apply for a permit from your local governmental agency. 


Interior Framing 

Another benefit of choosing a steel building kit is that, with the strength of steel framing, you have clear-span capabilities up to 200 ft. This means that you can partition the interior of your building based on your unique needs since load bearing walls aren't necessary for this span. 

Steel is an excellent material to use for your building's partitions and interior walls. Steel framing and partitions offer superior durability compared to traditional building materials such as wood. Choosing steel can help you save money on maintenance and repair costs since it's resistant to damage from moisture and pests. 


Insulation Options 

Another important factor to consider when finishing the inside of your metal building is insulation. Adding insulation, especially within the attic and exterior walls will help keep the interior temperature comfortable and prevent condensation within your building. This will save you money on heating and cooling costs over. 

There are a variety of materials available to insulate your metal building including fiberglass, foam board and spray foam. Fiberglass is the most common and affordable option for insulating your home or commercial building. It's non-absorbent so it will protect your steel building from mold, rust and corrosion. 

In traditionally constructed buildings, insulation is installed between the studs. In a metal building, however, the insulation is usually installed over the framing to provide continuous coverage. To achieve higher R-Value, you can fill the building cavity with insulation using a banded system or simple saver options. 


Exposed Metal Interior Walls 

If you like the modern look offered by steel partition walls, you can choose to leave them exposed. We offer a variety of colors, textures and finishes so you can customize the interior of your building to your liking. Metal panels are also easier to clean than traditional construction materials, so you could save time and money on interior upkeep. 


Finishing Metal Interior Walls 

Looking for a more traditional feel for the interior of your metal building? Not a problem. You can easily finish metal framed walls with drywall or other traditional materials, so you don't have to sacrifice the traditional aesthetic you desire for the durability of metal. As you would with any type of framing, it's important to make sure that all your wiring, plumbing, fire protection devices and lighting are installed and inspected before finishing off the walls. 


Metal Building Ceiling Considerations 

When finishing off the interior of your metal building, there you have a few options to choose depending on your aesthetic preferences. 


Exposed Beams 

To create a modern or industrial look consider leaving the steel beams exposed. This cost-saving design creates high-ceilings, making your interior space feel bigger. Choose from a selection of colors, textures and finishes to further customize the interior of your building.  


Drop Ceiling 

If you prefer a more traditional feel for your building, you can cover the metal beams with a dropped ceiling. 


Metal Building Flooring Options 

Now that the walls and ceiling have been completed, you can install flooring. Within your customer metal building, you can use any flooring type. Choose from wood, laminate, tile, carpet and a variety of other options. Looking from a more contemporary aesthetic? Try staining your concrete floors. 


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