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Metal Buildings, Products | May 22, 2024

Importance of Eave Flashing, Trim and Gutters on Metal Buildings

Accessories on metal buildings play many different roles and offer far ranging benefits. Having each of the following on your building provides significant long-term benefits for you as the building owner: eave flashings, gutters and trim. Below we will go over the importance of each of these accessories for metal buildings. 


Eave Flashings 

Eave Flashings are used at the edge of the roof. One important feature of eave flashing is that it caps off the top of the wall panels where the profile of the rib comes out. It protects and provides moisture or water proofing for the top of the wall panel. By installing eave flashing with an outside foam closure, the bottom of the panel is sealed. When a building has closure underneath, the overall look of the building is enhanced. Another eave flashing benefit is that is provides pest control by keeping wasps and dirt-dobbers from making nests along the building. 



Gutters provide more than just cosmetics and aesthetics. Gutters keep water away from the foundation and help protect insulation. Without gutters, you have an issue of drainage and potentially face the problem of a washout if there is no concrete. Gutter maintenance is important, and chances are gutters are not cleaned out enough. Clogged gutters can cause damage to eaves, create a breeding ground for mosquitos due to standing water, and cause water leaks into your building if not properly cleaned out. While gutters do require upkeep, the overall benefit of having them installed on your metal building far outweigh not having them installed. 



Installation of trim on your metal building enhances building features and provides a water tight seal. Jamb trim runs along the outer frame work of a door or window. Outside corner trim runs along the corners of the building. Gable and Rake trim seals off insulation where wall and roof panel come together. Eave Trim runs along the eave at the intersection of the planes of the roof and wall. All roofing trim is sealed with seal tape or waterproof tape, also known as mastic tape (wall trim is not sealed). Trim closes all panels off and seals them. Ultimately, you cannot make a building watertight without trim. 

Ask about additional features or customizations for your next steel building project. Learn more about additional features of our metal buildings by contacting a Fortify representative.