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Protect your assets with Fortify Building Solutions’ custom steel storage buildings, crafted from high-quality steel to fit your exact specifications. Whether for residential garages or large commercial facilities, our durable structures offer versatile solutions. From storing aircraft as plane hangars to housing heavy machinery, golf carts, hay, and recreational vehicles, Fortify Building Solutions provides expertly designed storage solutions to safeguard your valuables with precision and durability.

Self-Storage Metal Buildings

Equipment Storage

Protect your valuable machinery investments with Fortify Building Solutions’ durable equipment storage buildings. Whether you require a fully enclosed structure or a roof-only design, our custom steel solutions provide the ideal space to safeguard assets like fleet trucks, forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, and other heavy equipment.

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Climate-Controlled Steel Mini Storage

If you're looking for climate-controlled storage to protect your valuables, Fortify Building Solutions has you covered. Our steel mini storage buildings can be designed to accommodate climate control systems, ensuring optimal humidity and temperature for items like antiques, artwork, electronics, and cherished heirlooms. With excellent thermal efficiency for lower utility costs, our durable metal storage buildings also help keep your belongings safe from pests, dust, mold, and mildew. 

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Business & Personal Storage

Our versatile storage buildings provide secure solutions for both business and personal needs when properly designed and installed according to building codes. Our durable steel structures offer ideal spaces to neatly organize household goods, clothing, collectibles, and personal belongings. Businesses can rely on our storage facilities to properly house excess inventory, equipment, supplies, documents, and seasonal displays. 

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The Advantages of Steel Self-Storage Buildings

For self-storage applications, Fortify Building Solutions offers steel mini storage units with numerous compelling advantages. Our metal construction offers easy cleaning and low-maintenance upkeep over the lifetime of the building. The addition of proper insulation helps reduce energy expenditures, making our self-storage units cost-effective to operate. 

However, the true advantage lies in the exceptional durability of steel. Fortify Building Solutions’ metal mini storages provide robust protection against the elements when properly designed and installed, shielding contents from pests, inclement weather, and mold. For those seeking an extra level of security, our buildings can accommodate climate control systems to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels—perfect for safeguarding fabrics, documents, and other sensitive items requiring specific environmental conditions. 

With Fortify Building Solutions’ steel self-storage buildings, you’re investing in a self-storage solution that is built to last. You can trust that your valued possessions or business inventory will remain secure and organized for years to come.  

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Tan metal outbuilding with two garage doors, a tractor, and a lawn mower parked in front on a dirt surface under a clear blue sky.

Advantages of a Metal Storage Building

Whether you want a garage for vehicle storage, an equipment storage facility or a roof-only structure for any number of items, metal storage buildings are the ideal solution. Let’s look at the advantages of metal storage buildings. 

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