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Las Cruces, New Mexico

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550 South Compress,
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005

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Community Connections

At Fortify Building Solutions, we are suppliers, team members and neighbors. We take pride in the roles we play and the positive contributions we make to our communities, both locally and nationally.

Our branches are proud sponsors of local school sports teams, FFA chapters, non-profits and other organizations that share our parent company’s commitment: to positively contribute to the communities where people live, work and play for now and generations to come.

At Fortify Building Solutions, we’re a leading provider of metal roofing panels, buildings and steel building materials in North America. Our team of design, engineering, and production professionals allows us to support a wide variety of customers in Las Cruces, NM and surrounding cities, including 

  • Home remodelers 
  • Roofing and siding companies 
  • General contractors 
  • Commercial construction businesses 
  • DIY homeowners with general building experience 

Thanks to our wide selection of metal building components, our customers can find practical and effective solutions for local construction challenges. Choose high-quality metal roofing, wall panels, and building solutions for construction projects in Las Cruces, NM. 


Experts in Customization for Metal Buildings 

We offer project-specific customization for metal buildings in Las Cruces, helping clients select the right type of roofing, structural components, wall panels, and coatings for project needs. Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Energy efficiency: Metal roofing panels with solar reflective coatings can be a good investment for local homes and businesses looking to keep interiors cooler. 
  • Maintenance requirements: Metal buildings and panels generally have lower upkeep needs than conventional materials that are susceptible to long-term damage from exposure to moisture and pests. 
  • Clear spans: We have the capabilities to create various metal building sizes with open interior spaces, from home workshops to commercial storage warehouses. 
  • Building profile: We offer a wide range of structural components with low-slope and steep-slope roofing options, including carports and lean-tos. 
  • Style considerations: Customizing building exteriors and roofing is simple with our numerous color possibilities and metal panel options, including galvanized steel and standing-seam roofing. 

We’re happy to help builders design metal buildings that meet project objectives and site needs. We understand local building codes and have decades of experience with pre-engineered metal building components. Find customizable building options in a range of sizes right away. 


Attractive Metal Roofing and Wall Panels for Homes in Las Cruces, NM 

We work extensively with local roofing contractors and home remodeling companies, but we also partner directly with homeowners who are experienced with DIY and are working on general building projects such as: 

  • Residential metal roofing 
  • Energy-efficient upgrades for home exteriors 
  • Siding replacements 
  • Exterior makeovers 
  • Construction projects for sheds, garages, workshops, and storage buildings 

Homeowners can choose from many types of roofing and wall panels, such as standing-seam options, classic corrugated designs, and other styles. Select wall panels offer horizontal and vertical orientations in many sizes and colors. 

Our extensive catalog gives homeowners the freedom to personalize exteriors and enjoy proven weather resilience throughout the year. Explore our selection of metal roof and wall panels to find eye-catching profile and color combinations. 


Commercial and Industrial Metal Building Solutions 

Metal buildings provide benefits for a variety of industries in Las Cruces, NM. With quality design and installation, industry-specific coatings, and regular maintenance, metal roofing can offer excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and durability in countless industry applications, such as:  

  • Automotive repair shops and semi-truck garages 
  • Small retail businesses and storage locations 
  • Barns, garages for farming machinery, and storage buildings for agricultural products 
  • Workshops for welding and repairs 

We work with building contractors, commercial real estate developers, farmers, and business owners to create metal buildings that meet operational needs effectively. 


Exceptional Customer Service 

The Fortify Building Solutions team pride ourselves as being helpful, knowledgeable, and professional to provide our customers with exceptional products and services. Contact us to learn more about metal buildings and roofing options in Las Cruces, NM. 

Protect Your Home with Fortify Building Solutions

When extreme weather threatens your home, Fortify Building Solutions is your trusted partner in protection. Our durable building solutions are designed to withstand nature's toughest challenges, ensuring the safety and security of your family.


Why Choose Fortify Building Solutions:

Resilient and Reliable: Our metal roofing and metal buildings are engineered to resist major tornado-strength winds, hailstorms, heavy rain, and wildfires, providing unparalleled defense.

Built to Last: With fewer seams than traditional roofing, our metal roofs prevent water infiltration, reducing the risk of attic damage and ceiling collapse. A properly installed roof can last up to 50 years, providing peace of mind for wind-damaged roof repair and insurance claims for hurricane roof damage.

Insurance Benefits: Many insurance providers offer discounts for installing metal roofs due to their durability and weather resistance, helping you save on premiums.

What Sets Us Apart:

Industry Expertise: As a leader in building solutions and pre-engineered steel buildings, we bring years of experience and knowledge to every project, serving homeowners across the South-Central U.S.

Proven Performance: Our metal roofs are UL tested for wind uplift, impact resistance, and fire resistance, providing unmatched security and peace of mind.

Flexible Financing: We offer financing options to suit various budgets, making quality roofing and building solutions accessible and affordable.

Fortify Building Solutions is committed to delivering exceptional quality and service.


Fortify Building Solutions is committed to delivering exceptional quality and service. Ready to protect your home against extreme weather? Fill out our simple online Request a Quote form and let us protect what matters most – your home and your family.