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Metal Buildings, Mini Storage, Project Planning, Products | May 22, 2024

All You Need to Know About Mini Storages

At Fortify Building Solutions, mini storages are our specialty. We are a knowledgeable expert in the mini storage industry and specializes in standard single-story units, climate-controlled mini storages and boat and RV mini storages. 


Steel Mini Storage Sizes 

Whether you are looking for a small or large mini storage footprint, Fortify Building Solutionscan deliver on the scale you require. Sizes of the mini storage units and buildings can vary. If you have certain size requirements, let your Fortify sales representatives know and we can customize the building to your needs. 


Benefits of Metal Mini-Storages 

The benefits of steel mini storages are numerous. Steel mini storages are easy to clean and maintain over the life of the building. Proper insulation can help reduce energy expenditures on your mini storage facility. Another huge benefit is the durability that metal mini storages provide. Metal mini storage buildings offer protection from the elements such as pests, inclement weather and mold. A climate-controlled steel mini storage facility offers an even greater benefit for the upkeep of fabrics, papers and other items that need to be kept in certain conditions. 


Parts of a Metal Mini-Storage Building 

Roll-up doors are a common staple for steel mini storages. Mini storage renters may be storing large furniture, a vehicle or even a boat, in which case the safety and durability that a heavy-duty door provides is desirable. Mini storage units may require a walk door as well. You have a variety of options in the panels you use and the trim package of the buildings. Fortify can customize your mini-storage facility to include any accessories you may be needing including gutters, and insulation and/or vapor barrier. 


Looking to get started on your mini-storage project? Consult with one of our Fortify representatives today to have your questions answered.